img_2055Kurt Boehlke


Kurt is the lead mechanic at LPAS. He has his A&P license with IA and has been working on aircraft for 13 years. His goal is to keep the aircraft in the air.

Kurt’s dog Piper was named after Piper Aircraft and loves hanging out at the LPAS hangar.

Kurt loves long walks on the beach, motorcycling, and is a great listener.

He is single and looking for love.

img_2060John Fotia


John has been an aircraft mechanic with LPAS for four years, but has been working with aircraft for 16 years. He was a helicopter mechanic in the Army for seven years and worked for an airline as a mechanic for four years. In addition to working at LPAS, he is currently working on medical helicopters. John has his A&P with IA.

John has loved aircraft since he was a child. When he was six years old, his father surprised him and his brother by pulling them out of school to go on their first helicopter ride. He thought this was the coolest thing in the world and when the Army offered him the chance to be an aircraft mechanic, he seized the opportunity and has not looked back.


Services Technician

img_2050Dominique Rattunde


Dominique has been the Services Technician at LPAS for one year. She has enjoyed learning about aircraft, keeping the hangar clean and organized, and assisting the mechanics with maintenance tasks. She hopes to one day manage an airport.

Dominique's favorite aviation memory was her Discovery flight, where her instructor told her she has a knack for flying. It was love at first flight.