FAA Medical Examinations


Our FAA physician expert is Colonel Eric Wohlrab, MD MPH MS. He has an impressive biography including extensive flight and medical experience. 

Cwohlrabolonel Eric Wohlrab attended the United States Air Force Academy and received a Bachelor of Science
degree from Millikin University in Decatur, IL. He then completed medical school at the University of Health Sciences at the Chicago Medical School in 1976. After an internship at Maricopa County in Phoenix, AZ and residencies at Johns Hopkins and the United States School of Aerospace Medicine, Col. Wohlrab entered active duty as an Air Force Flight Surgeon.


Col. Wohlrab's 21 year Air Force career spanned 4 continents with assignments including: squadron flight surgeon, Chief of Flight Medicine, Chief of Medical Staff, Hospital and MASH Commanders, Chief of Aerospace Medicine in the Pacific, European and USAF HQs. Col. Wohlrab retired from his last post as Deputy Command Surgeon, USAFE in 1997. 


Col. Wohlrab retired with over 1400 flight hours logged in over 35 USAF, USN, USA, USMC, and Allied airframes. He led two major NW Indiana Health systems Occupational Medicine programs for over 18 years and provided medical-legal consultation. Col. Wohlrab is a certified and practicing Senior Aviation Medical Examiner. He is also board certified in Aerospace and Occupational medicine. 


His motto is "KEEP EM' FLYING". 


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